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BFAB voice mail:
291-BFAB (or 291-2322)

Picture of Cat with Telephone

Office: 236-7333
Emergency: 737-1108

Bermuda Veterinary Services
1 The Lane
Paget PG 05
Tel: 232-8387
On Call: 737-8387
Hours: 8am to 6pm

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The Trap, Test, Spay/
Neuter and Release Programme

BFAB volunteers man a 'hotline' that receives calls from residents and business owners about areas where feral cats can be found. BFAB traps the feral cats, neuters ("fixes") them and returns them to the place where they were trapped. BFAB encourages residents to feed the fixed cats to reduce the occurrence of scavenging and foster territorial behaviour that may discourage the intrusion of other cats into that area. To avoid cats being re-trapped, the vet notches the left ear which serves as an indicator that the animal is already altered.

Some facts to bear in mind: